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Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Surgical Procedure:

The Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement Surgery involves a small incision and placement of the hip implants from the front of the hip. The joint is accessed between muscles and nerves without cutting or releasing them, so the patient is free from hip precaution restrictions that are typically enforced after a traditional posterior hip replacement. Dr. LaReau, a top Chicago hip surgeon, has chosen to use a highly specialized operating room table to perform this procedure. With easier access to the hip joint, dislocation rates are lower after direct anterior hip replacement and recovery is faster and less painful.


Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, most patients go home 1-2 days following surgery, depending on the physical condition of the patient. In the evening after surgery, the physical therapist will help the patient to get out of bed and stand. Since the operation is done through the front of the hip tissues, the posterior tissues are much less disturbed, allowing the patient to sit up and bend forward more easily. The patient will be able to walk with the help of a walker or crutches after being discharged from the hospital.

Who is a candidate?

The Direct Anterior Hip Replacement is one of the least invasive approaches to hip replacement surgery. Most but not all patients are candidates for an anterior hip replacement surgery. Moreover, patients suffering from arthritis in both hips may be considered for both bilateral hip replacement with this approach.

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