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Partial Knee Replacement (MAKO)

Partial Knee Replacement (MAKO)

In some patients, arthritis affects only a portion of the knee. For example, arthritis may be confined only to the inside, or medial portion of the knee. In other cases it may affect the lateral aspect, or outer portion of the knee.

If the remaining portion of the knee remains free of injury and the knee is not significantly deformed, then a partial knee replacement may be considered. In such cases, healthy cartilage is left in place while only the damaged cartilage is reconstructed. Overall, this procedure is less invasive than a full knee replacement, allowing for quicker patient recovery.

Dr. LaReau is trained in the use of Robotic-Assisted partial knee replacement (MAKO). By employing this innovative technology Dr. LaReau uses computer navigation, 3-dimensional modeling, and robotics assistance to improve precision and performance of partial knee replacements.

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